DermaQuest Modified Jessner Peel

What is the Modified Jessner Peel?

The Dermaquest Modified Jessner’s peel is designed to manage Acne, Preventing persistent breakouts and calming current blemishes with salicylic Acid.  This treatment is Anti-inflammatory and Anti Bacterial.


The Jessner peel is one of the most effective peel treatments available for severe acne with excellent results including:

Reduces the occurrence of breakouts

Reduces pigmentation due to acne scarring

Exfoliates for a softer, smoother appearance

Calms inflamed blemishes and irritation

Acts as an anti-bacterial


  • Greatly exfoliates for a softer, smoother appearance
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties
  • Diminishes pigmentation associated with acne and scarring
  • Effectively hampers stubborn breakouts including cysts
  • Eliminates and prevents razor bumps

Key Ingredients in the Acne Solution Jessner Peel

The Jessner Peel has numerous performance ingredients including:

  • Salicylic Acid - a BA (Beta Hydroxy) Acid which helps to combat oily skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • Lactic Acid - an AH (Alpha Hydroxy) acid that gently hydrates the skin and inhibits tyrosinase
  • Resorcinol - acts to kill P bacteria and create a more even skin tone
  • Lilac Plant Stem Cells - the strong anti-inflammatory properties protect skin cells from external damage while reducing redness and blemishes


  • Directly after your Jessner peel you may experience some redness, this will fade within 24 hours
  • Three to six days following your peel you can expect some skin flaking, please do not exfoliate this as your skin will be sensitive.
  • As with all acne treatments you may experience a breakout following the peel, this is the pores being naturally cleansed and will lessen after each treatment.
  • Total recovery time, including peels and breakout could be seven to ten days.


You will need to prep your skin prior to treatment and the time prepping will depend on your Fitzpatrick. You will need to use DermaQuest products to prep. This will be discussed in your consultation with your Meliz.

How many treatments will i need?

A course of 3 is recommended for the best results.


As you know the skin is a very complex organ and will respond in different ways with different people, it really depends on the client’s background regarding medication, skincare products, Fitzpatrick etc.

When the skin is introduced to active ingredients for the first time it can on some occasions become over stimulated to quickly causing the skin to respond by creating a dermal clear out, slight tenderness, an erythema, slight flaking due to the cell renew process becoming faster, these are not bad reactions, they are normal skin reactions a client with an unbalanced, dehydrated skin may experience.








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